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Influencers Are Now The “Slam Dunk” Idiot-Proof

Method of Driving Real Buyer Traffic and Making Tons of Sales Online...

...even if you’re just a beginner and know almost nothing about setting up sales funnels
and running traffic campaigns etc...

This Influencer Marketing Revolution Is A Tradition

That Started Deeply From The Heart of Hollywood And American Music Industry.

Millions of people followed and flocked the likes of Al Pacino, Beyonce, Jay Z, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johnson, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Brittney Spears, Eminem, Maria Carey, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, and more.

Their lifestyle looked amazing and people wanted to be like them, they had best homes, best fashion, best skin care, I mean the best everything (at least on social media/magazines) and pretty much everyone wanted to be them.

So if Rihanna swears she wears Chris Dior’s black widow perfume, every single woman on earth (especially her fans) will start buying Black Widow perfume by Chris Dior.

Or Jay Z posts a picture wearing Tom Ford shoes (even if he captions it with something that totally doesn’t even make any sense like “We balling bitches #tomford”), everybody will be rushing to get Tom Ford shoes like bees to honey.

It worked so well because these celebrities were influencers, their very behaviour and words are so influential it’s shaping how millions of people live.

Immediately Big Brands Realised This

The Era of Celebrity Marketing And Celebrity Endorsements Began!

And it’s been the most profitable era in the history of advertising ever since.

Just imagine it for a second: one statement or one photo from one person can sell out thousands and millions of your products instantly, the power is just…


Immediately, big brands like Adidas, Gucci, Ford, Mercedes, Rolex scooped up every single celebrity they could find and gave signed huge endorsement contracts with them.

Now getting any of these market influencers to endorse your product became a “Million Dollar” big deal that only corporate with deep pockets can afford.

So, Regular Marketers Like You And Me Couldn’t Afford It Until Recently…

The Birth of the Social Media Celebrities:

Thank God For Social Media, Now We Have:

I’m Talking About Ordinary People Like You And Me

That Have Reached A Level Of Stardom Amassing Ten And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Followers
And In Many Cases Millions Of Followers And Have Gone Ahead To Become Real-Life
Celebrities On These Social Media Network...

The Likes of:

Tim Karsliyev founder of the biggest motivational instagram profile called
“Daily Dose” with over 1.2 million followers...

Desi Perkins built the largest lifestyle and beauty social profile on the internet
with a whopping 3.5 million followers on her Instagram alone...

Robert scoble an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author runs
a twitter profile with over 500k followers...

Vani Hari aka the food babe uncovers what really goes into the food you
are eating with over 106,000 followers on twitter...

There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of These

New Wave Of Social Media Celebrities And They’re Very Influential Just Like The Traditional Hollywood Celebrities...

In fact, some of them are even many times more influential on social media than your typical Hollywood Celebrities...

And the best part many of them just got lucky, they post online for fun sharing stuff they’re passionate about and somehow, their contents went viral and amassed massive social media following for them...

Even better, they’re hungry for fame so they’re willing to do anything to associate themselves with brands which is a good news for you because it means:

They’re Thousands Of Social Media Influencers With Over 100,000 Avid & Raving
Followers On Instagram/Twitter That Are Practically Begging To Endorse Your Product.

Here’s The Bare Truth…

The new wave of social media influencers are “desperate” to endorse you because they love attention and they can’t have enough of it, the mere fact that brand owners and advertisers are coming for them is an ego boost.

All they’ll ever ask for is just a Free Copy of whatever they’re endorsing and maybe you pay for their dinner (usually around $20 - $100 at most)

And you my friend will enjoy all the massive buyer traffic and exposure they’ll be sending your way because it’s going to bring you a ton of sales… they have great influence on their followers and anything they say, their followers swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Ever Since We Discovered This, Our Entire Marketing Strategy Changed Overnight,
We Stopped Spending Money On Ads And PR Campaigns Like We Used To…

Hey we’re Victory Akpos and Misan Morrison.

You probably haven’t heard of us - not too many people have and we’re definitely not famous.

But in the last 12 months we’ve become two of the leading affiliate marketers in the digital marketing game.

We don’t have huge lists …

Didn’t have a clue when we started …

And until recently, it seemed almost impossible to make sales.

Like Most People,

We Didn’t Get Into Online Marketing To:

  • Work Longer Hours Than We Did At Our Day Jobs.
  • Wait For MONTHS To See Any Positive Results.
  • Invest Thousands In Flashy Tools That Make Huge
    Promises But Rarely Deliver.

Well we’ve done ALL that, and it didn’t get us anywhere.

But thanks to surfing just 2 social media sites, we came up
with a unique twist on a VERY OLD idea …

And The Results Speak For Themselves:

YOU Don’t Need To Be Famous

...Just USE People That Are!

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful type of marketing on the planet. When someone you respect - an influencer - recommends a product or service … it makes a powerful impact.

And thanks to social media, tapping into it is now possible for anyone - with the right tools.

Research from Twitter shows that 49 percent of consumers seek purchase guidance from social media influencers … nearly 40 percent of Twitter users said they had made a purchase as a direct result of an influencer’s Tweet -, April 2017

More Powerful Than ANY Other Form Of Marketing:

Potential customers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a person they respect and trust than to ads or other corporate messaging..., April 2017

This Is More Powerful Than Any Form Of Marketing… Your Entire Marketing Results
Will Change Overnight, You Will Stopped Wasting Money On Ads And PR Campaigns.

Here’s a Quick Comparison:

Blow $1,200 Ad Spend on Google/Facebook Ads Paying Almost $1.2 per Click to Drive 1,000 Cold Visitors to Your eCom Store promoting Your Tanning Lotion...

Spend a Measly $50 and Have One Social Media Influencer with over 300,000+ Instagram Followers BePost a Photo/Video of Herself Using the Tanning Lotion and Endorse it to Her Massive Followers Driving So Much Red Hot Buyers to Your Store You’ll Run Out of Stock Almost Immediately...

And please don’t even compare with SEO… the kind of real buyer traffic that these influencers drive is incredible, SEO and all the other panty traffic methods added together doesn’t even come close.

I’m saying these guys can make your shit go viral overnight if that’s what you want… it just take 2 or 3 influencers posting it on Twitter/IG… rest is history!

We shared our new method of getting proven buyer traffic and sales daily with some of our inner-circle friends and it’s changing the game for them too...

Here’s What They’re Saying About

Their New Experience With Influencer Marketing:

Even Top Marketers And Internet Business Owners

Know Influencers Are Now The Way To Go For Bringing In Fresh Sales...

But There’s Only 1 Major Roadblock

To All These Success That’s Already Awaiting You...

  Finding These Influencers & Actually Getting Them to Endorse Your Products  

This is the hardest part especially when it comes to getting them to endorse your product.

But after over 11 months of discovering this new sales generation method and using it day after day to drive all our traffic to our eCom stores and landing pages, making a lot of mistakes along the way and later succeeding, we’ve come to master the very art of reaching influencers, getting their attention and having them endorse your products.

Including the exact words you MUST say, the kind of message you must send them to get their attention and literally make them beg you to send a Free Copy of your product for endorsement.

In fact, we didn’t just master the process… we automated the entire process!


The Reach Influencer App

The One Marketing Platform that will Allow You to Ethically Manipulate ENTIRE MARKETS, Go Viral at Will And Shift The Attention Of Entire Industries to Your Products Effortlessly...

Here’s What ReachInfluencer Does For You:


Automatically Uncover Influencers for You Across Twitter and Instagram for Any Niche (whether you sell tanning lotions, sneakers or wine, ReachInfluencer will find the right influencers to promote your products)


Reach out, Message & Connect You Directly with These Influencers (we’ve set up this machine to not just find influencers but also contact them get you a deal)


Group & Manage Your Influencer Relationships/Contracts/Promotions (with ReachInfluencer, you’ll never have to struggle with managing your relationships/cont...


Best part… Give You Access to a Pool of Ready to Go Influencers that Want to Endorse You (we have access to a secret marketplace with tons of influencers that can’t wait to endorse your product right now)


Track the Full Performance of Every Influencer Promotion (with this technology inside Reach Influencer, you’ll easily know the impact each influencer’s campaign had in your marketing)

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Why ReachInfluencer Works Every Time

  • The majority of social media influencers have no idea what they’re worth - this technology lets you seal custom traffic deals for PERSONAL profit by both CONFIRMING their status AND offering a small fee for their time.
  • No one is doing this at this level - the technology simply didn’t exist until now. To do this manually, you’d need to spend DAYS finding influencers in your niche, manually messaging them all, then trying to negotiate deals on your own.
  • A-Z Automation - from finding influencers to messaging them, sealing deals and tracking traffic - EVERYTHING is done for you inside the app.

The Full List Of ReachInfluencer’s Incredible

Traffic & Conversion Features:

Who Is ReachInfluencer For

Short Version: Anyone That Wants Traffic That Converts Into Sales.


  • Affiliate marketers that want to drive targeted viewers to their offers for unfair profits.
  • eCom vendors that need more “wallet-in-hand” buyers to visit their stores.
  • List builders looking for an “edge” to pack their list full of engaged subscribers.
  • Product sellers targeting audiences IDEAL for their offers.
  • Complete beginners after a shortcut to sustainable online profits.
  • Coaches and consultants that want to stand out from the crowd and ELIMINATE the competition

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are … What Level Of Experience You Have … Or what you’re selling.

ReachInfluencer IS your traffic & conversions solution. It’s faster, cheaper and more effective than ANYTHING else on the market.

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And Just If You’re Skeptical And Wondering If This Is For You

Here’s Why This New Traffic Method Works So Well

It’s DIRT Cheap

These Influencers with millions of followers have NO IDEA what they’re worth, they’re not like the big hollywood celebrities so no Adidas, KFC or Mercedes is approaching them for a deal.

More importantly, “Influencers” are not marketers like me and you – they’re usually teenagers and young adults (mostly around 15 - 35) that suddenly struck gold and grew a huge following based on a passion they have.

Sure, they bask in the glory of having millions of followers, but they have no idea they can MONETIZE them.

So when you reach out to them (ReachInfluencer automates everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger) and offer them Your Product Free + $100 to pay for a buy themselves a nice dinner for them to post about your product/brand, they instantly jump at it.

It’s Super Fast

There’s no waiting for approval, ad budgeting or for some ranking to trickle in, the traffic sent by these Influencers flood your site like Tsunami.

I’ve never been able to generate this massive amount of traffic to my sites so fast in my life before discovering and using Influencer marketing.

It Brings You Only Real Buyers

The Influencers have already cultivated the relationship and trust with their audience, so they trust whatever they endorse. And also because of that need of regular people to have that amazing Instagram life of their social media celebrity they’re following, they pretty buy whatever they see the influencer post that they use.

There’s No Stupid Bureaucracies and Ad Policies

Listen, I’ll be plain here, dealing with crazy policies and bureaucracies of the ad platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.) can be a b*tch. They’re so many rules and even new ones coming out daily you can’t even keep up.

Creating a 100% safe, compliant ad is almost impossible these days and even though you try so hard and work so hard, most time you end up getting your account banned for almost no reason.

With Influencer marketing, you’ll never have to deal with any of that.

It’s Grossly Untapped

I’ve never seen something so profitable yet so wild open and untapped in my life, every single day, I see marketers like you and me struggling to get their ads approved, get ROI on their campaigns or get back their banned accounts, when there’s a massive traffic jackpot sitting out there and just wasting because nobody knows how to tap it until now..

And the technology to automate this influencer marketing never existed until today, If you were to do this all manually, you’d have to stay up for literally days and all night finding the right people who have big followers in your niche, then manually message them one-by-one, then trying to negotiate deals one-by-one.

Even though this is stressful and time consuming, marketers out there are still raking
in millions from doing it.

But until now, this was limited to so-called “gurus” – ReachInfluencer changes all of that
from the ground up and allows you to leave your competition in the DUST.

As I promised you earlier today, even if you’re just a beginner and know almost nothing about driving traffic and marketing online, you’ll be able to use ReachInfluencer starting today and rake in tons of sales.

My Friend, I Will Be Very Honest With You…

ReachInfluencer is a very rare and dangerous weapon if you
want to totally massacre your competition mercilessly.

The Amount of Real Buyer Traffic It Blows at Your Server
at The Push of 1 Button is Just Unbelievable...

See These Viral Campaign That Brought Us Ten Of Thousands Of
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We’re Not Done Yet!

To Reward Fast-action Takers, We’re Including The Following Priceless Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Syndsocial (With 100 white-label license)

SyndSocial is a point and click cloud-based software for generating massive social media traffic while building your list very fast using dynamic videos with call to actions overlay…

It enables you to post clickable images to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and stop losing leads and sales when your visitors ignore your offers links in social media campaign

Here’s just a FEW things you can do with SyndSocial:

  • Literally Force people to opt-in from Inside the video before they can even watch it on Facebook.
  • Add an opt-in form and set it to pup-up at a specific time during the video playback to acquire leads right when it’s most responsive to your offer
  • Best of all, it lets you add dynamic videos on any Webpage you own regardless of the platform (wordpress, joomla, HTMl etc)

BONUS #2: Pin Marketer (Personal License)

This lets you automate "pinterest" task that drives you sales and engagement from a traffic source that is barely untapped.

BONUS #3: HyperSoci Machine + Video Training

This is a social media marketing tool that will help you to boost your social media marketing strategy.

Features Include;

Realtime message notification from Facebook, Schedule Posting, Content creator, Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , WordPress autopost,Delete at once from Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr & WordPress, Twitter Account Manage Emoji and many more.

BONUS #4: Smart ADs Builder (personal license)

Smart ADs Builder is a powerful, easy to use ADs builder with 100’s of high converting ad image templates you can pick and edit in few clicks...

BONUS #5: Coembed (personal license)

CoEmbed is a powerful, cloud based, software that enables you to leverage other people's viral video's, popular posts etc as a platform to build your own list or sell your own product

So What’s the Catch?

The catch is that this is a very special offer. When you act RIGHT now, you’re getting everything for an extremely discounted price.

This Sounds Great But How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Simple - We Guarantee It!

The ReachInfluencer 100% Unconditional
30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

Pick up ReachInfluencer now and try it out for the next 30 days completely risk free. We’re so confident you’ll see incredible results in terms of more traffic, leads and sales that we’ll personally cover your investment.

If at any time you have a question, our friendly support team is here to help. But in the highly unlikely event you find ReachInfluencer doesn’t meet every claim on this page, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your small investment.

It doesn’t get more fair than that!

So hit the button below and start getting all the traffic, leads and sales you deserve … on autopilot … with this next-generation technology.

To the Best of YOUR Success,

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